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I have a Google Cloud Endpoints API I want to consume in Android Studio. I created the Client Library, which is a zip file.

I'm in Step 4 of this document:

They use Maven, and are referring to a JAR file in this path:


Make a note of this location so you know where to get the JAR file later when you configure your Android project.

However, my Python API required using instead. The zip file has a different structure.

There are Jar files in the following folders:

<base path>/ - one JAR file
<base path>/libs/ - 28 JAR files
<base path>/libs-sources/ - 27 JAR files

There's no "target" folder, and no file ending in "-SNAPSHOT.jar"

Which one do I "Add as Library" into my Android Studio project, so that I can call my Google Cloud Endpoints (Python) API from Android?

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you need the one that contains your generated code, as well as the dependencies(in libs, which you don't already have in your android project).

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Hi Ashish, how do I detect which ones contain my generated code? – Gerard Jul 26 '14 at 2:41
unzip and check. <base path>/ - one JAR file – Ashish Jul 26 '14 at 6:53

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