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I am working on a website offering a personal list of peaks for mountain lovers.

I am stuck on the function (pathRequest) of a Google map polyline since ages.

I cannot understand as this code is a copy from a lot of sources and a shame Firefox debug is not acting well with the Google map... getting things worst.

Here's the page :

To test, you need to enter "adresse départ" (start)and"adresse arrivée" (end) + "manuel"mode in option"itinéraire"`.

Bug is showing when clicking on "adresse arrivée" in autocomplete.

For the two options :

- automatique (google map direction service) -- OK
- manuel (polyline) -- KO

Then I am calling the same functions :

- distance calculation getDistance(path)
- elevation calculation plotElevation(results, status)

Mode automatique (google map direction service) :

var path = result.routes[0].overview_path;

Mode manuel (polyline) :

var polyline_path = polyline.getPath();

Function getDistance :

function getDistance(path) {

var m = google.maps.geometry.spherical.computeLength(path);
var km = m / 1000;

document.getElementById("ninja_forms_field_34").value = km.toFixed(2) + " km";
var pathRequest = { 'path': path, 'samples': 256 }

elevator.getElevationAlongPath(pathRequest, plotElevation);


Function plotElevation :

function plotElevation(results, status) { if (status == google.maps.ElevationStatus.OK) {

var deniv_positif = 0;
var deniv_negatif = 0;
var elev = results[0].elevation;
for (var i = 0; i < results.length; i++) {

  if ( (results[i].elevation - elev) > 0 ) {
  deniv_positif = deniv_positif + (results[i].elevation - elev);
  else {
  deniv_negatif = deniv_negatif + (results[i].elevation - elev);

  elev = results[i].elevation;

document.getElementById("ninja_forms_field_31").value = "+" + deniv_positif.toFixed(0) + " / " + deniv_negatif.toFixed(0) + " m" ;

} }

Any advice would be great, if I did not put enough code, please tell me. Hope it is OK.

Best regards,


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The only thing I can see is this.

The DirectionsRoute overview_path is "an array of LatLngs"

The ElevationService getElevationAlongPath function expects the PathElevationRequest to have an Array for its path.

All good so far...

However, the Polyline getPath function returns an MVCArray, not just an Array.

Usually they seem pretty interchangeable to me, but this might be one place where they're not.

You could try calling the getArray function on the MVCArray to convert it into an Array and see if that makes any difference.

var polyline_path = polyline.getPath();
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Hello Duncan, that's perfect! Thank you. – user3759261 Jul 23 '14 at 9:58
Cool! Feel free to accept the answer as correct if it was useful – duncan Jul 23 '14 at 10:15

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