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after searching for quite a while I couldn't find a solution for something I can't figure out - I've got an Access DB where I have a main form that includes the general information about a client, and a subform that contains all contact details (e.g. phones and addresses of that client's branches) of that specific customer. (distributed in 2 tables that are related - Clients and ContactInformation) Now on my database I have a "quick search" form that you can either enter the customer id or customer name and it will open in the main form (it searches in a query that also contains the records that appear in the subform and in another table).

Now what i'm trying to achieve is adding to that search is an option that will make it possible to enter for example a specific contact address (which is part of the information in the subform) and make it open that customer in the main form, on the record where that specific contact address is part of the subform.

the current search form works currently like this:

Private Sub btnSearch_Click()
    Dim strCriteria As String
      strCriteria = "[CustomerID]='" & Replace(Me.txtSearchBox, "'", "''") & _
    "' OR [CustomerName]='" & Replace(Me.txtSearchBox, "'", "''") & "'"
    If DCount("*", "qrySearch", strCriteria) > 0 Then
        DoCmd.OpenForm "frmCustomersViewer", acNormal, , strCriteria
        MsgBox "No results found!"
    End If
End Sub

Thanks in advance!

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