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I managed yet to create a KVM Virtual Machine with several network interfaces (vNICs) and to make it boot from network using PXE. Anyway I noticed that the dhcp request is forwarded on every vNIC until it gets a response (or the vNIC list ends).

I know the libvirt gui (virt-manager) doesn't provide a way to specify that the dchp/tftp request should be tried on a single, specific network interface; I was wondering if this could be achieved via command line tools (virsh or vm-install): I looked yet a bit for such option, but I was not able to find it until now.

I tried to activate the bootmenu at startup: in this case an option for selecting pxe on a specific network interface is showen on the screen, anyway the choice is ignored when the specific option is selected and the VM starts a query on each vNIC, from the first one to the last one, one after the other.

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