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I'm trying to build a site with a JSON-service inside it. So I want to have a different error handling for different handlers. For example, notFound must return HTML "Not found" in Handler Html and JSON value {"error": "not found"} in Handler Value. How can I achieve it?

Even when I'm using my own notFoundJson, Yesod's get404 doesn't and returns HTML even inside Handler Value.

  1. Should I get return type of a handler inside errorHandler?
  2. Should I make /api a subsite and override errorHandler for it?
  3. Should I make another yesod, with its own specific errorHandler, and connect it to the main yesod as a subsite?
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Simple solution: You haven't to do anything. It is a client's concern.

According to defaultErrorHandler implementation, the proper way to receive JSON error for client seems to be to provide HTTP header Accept: application/json or query parameter ?_accept=application/json in request.

defaultErrorHandler itself provides two representations: one for text/html client and one for application/json client. Default is the former.

More generic solution: Add a WAI middleware that appends HTTP header Accept: application/json or query parameter ?_accept=application/json for specific urls.

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