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I am using rails 3.2.13 and ruby 1.9.3 paperclip 4.1.1, cocaine 0.5.4 and i have installed ffmpeg, ImageMagick

this is my error from log

[paperclip] [ffmpeg] -ss 10 -i :source -vf scale=264:-1,crop=264:198 -vframes 1 -f image2 -y :dest
Command :: ffmpeg -ss 10 -i '/tmp/38ec19ef69e031f54d46821d6d28666920140723-1741-1tmla09' -vf scale=264:-1,crop=264:198 -vframes 1 -f image2 -y '/tmp/38ec19ef69e031f54d46821d6d28666920140723-1741-1tmla0920140723-1741-1tv3t4n.jpg'
[paperclip] An error was received while processing: #<Paperclip::Error: error while processing video for 38ec19ef69e031f54d46821d6d28666920140723-1741-1tmla09: Command 'ffmpeg -ss 10 -i '/tmp/38ec19ef69e031f54d46821d6d28666920140723-1741-1tmla09' -vf scale=264:-1,crop=264:198 -vframes 1 -f image2 -y '/tmp/38ec19ef69e031f54d46821d6d28666920140723-1741-1tmla0920140723-1741-1tv3t4n.jpg''
returned 1. Expected 0

Thanks & Regards,

Pab M

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