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I'm currently working on some BDD stuff with an angular client using codemirror to write gherkin code (gherkin in codemirror).

Highlighting is fine as you can see, but there is no gherkin-hint.js for autocompletion on the official website. I gave it a quick look but didn't find any and sadly am tight on time to maybe "re-invent that wheel".

A huge bonus would be to be able to add previous "steps" to the hint array since people tend to use a same step more than once. (A step is a text of one line after the given,when,then or And keywords)

Did anyone already do something i could use?
If not do you have any experience with codemirror show-hint to help me make a minimal one ?
(Since BDD language is oh so basic: Given/When/Then/Examples etc... mostly at line begining.)

Note: i use many codemirror areas for one same file instead of a big one, could this become a problem for auto-completion ?

thanks for your help

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