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I would like to build an backend application on App Engine using Datastore and Objectify to store places (in java).

A place has latitude and longitude coordinates. Now I want to query places that are "near by" (a radius of 100 kilometers) the users position.

In SQL I would compute the distance in the SELECT statetment. But something like this is not possible in Datastore using Objectify right?

So from what I saw from other projects is to make something like hashes of geo-areas right and store the hashes as string in a list, and check if two geo coordinates have the same geo aread hashes ...

For instance I have found this project called java geo model but it seems that this project is no longer maintained and Im looking for something that can be used in production, in a real world application

Does anyone knows such a library or tutorial sites about this topic?

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The best answer, as already mentioned, is to use the Search API. However, you can find an example of using Objectify with geohashes here: http://www.motomapia.com/

It uses the javageomodel code. Since the algorithm for geohashing hasn't changed, I wouldn't be too concerned about the code being old. However, it inherently doesn't produce very accurate results - at least not as accurate as what you will get with the search API.

Geographic indexing is not an easy problem. Computing a distance in your SELECT is not a scalable solution even in an RDBMS unless you have specialized indexes ala PostGIS.

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The Search API allows for searching based on distance.

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Hm, good point! Thanks! But some points are not clear to me: can I query Datastore with the Search API? From what I see from the documentation the Search API works with Documents (com.google.appengine.api.search.Document, Indexes and Fields) So I have to "mirror" my data from datastore / objectify to Documents in Search API to make it searchable through Search API? –  sockeqwe Jul 23 '14 at 13:21
"So I have to "mirror" my data from datastore / objectify to Documents in Search API to make it searchable through Search API?" Correct. They are separate places to store data and they don't communicate directly with each other. You need to manually go through your datastore and add pieces of data into what the Search API calls "documents". The basics are here –  user3058197 Jul 23 '14 at 13:39
You can use the task queue (and transactionally enqueued tasks) to ensure that the data in the search system stays consistent with data in the datastore. –  stickfigure Jul 23 '14 at 18:29

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