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I'm making a GET request to search for certain listings. The keyword I'm testing is iphone 5.

When doing:

m = Marktplaats.new
m.search(keyword: 'iphone 5')

I get irrelevant data.

Here's the code I'm using:

require 'httparty'

class Marktplaats
  include HTTParty


  def search(keyword)

    # Debug
    puts search_query_params(keyword)
    puts last_uri(self.class.get('/api3/ads.json', query: search_query_params(keyword)))

    self.class.get('/api3/ads.json', query: search_query_params(keyword))

  def view(urn)
    self.class.get("/api3/ads/#{urn}.json", query: default_query_params)

  def categories
    self.class.get('/api3/categories.json', query: default_query_params)


    def default_query_params
        oauth_token: '1me6jq76h8t6rim747m7bketkd',
        api_ver: '3.7',
        session: 'ebc565b8-659f-40f6-9d0a-96986f1d1595',
        screenWidth: '62',
        screenHeight: '111',
        app_ver: 'Android3.1.0'

    def search_query_params(args = {})
      search_params = {
        q: split_keyword(args[:keyword]),
        searchOnTitleAndDescription: args[:search_on_title_and_description] || 'false',
        showListings: args[:show_listings] || 'true',
        categoryId: args[:category_id] || '1953',
        page: args[:page] || '1',
        size: args[:size] || '30',
        sortBy: args[:sort_by] || 'DEFAULT',
        sortOrder: args[:sort_order] || 'DESCENDING',
        showHistograms: args[:show_histograms] || 'true'
      merge_params(default_query_params, search_params)

    def merge_params(params1, params2)

    def split_keyword(keyword)
      keyword.gsub(' ', '+')

    def last_uri(last_request)

puts search_query_params(keyword) returns:

{:oauth_token=>"1me6jq76h8t6rim747m7bketkd", :api_ver=>"3.7", :session=>"ebc565b8-659f-40f6-9d0a-96986f1d1595", :screenWidth=>"62", :screenHeight=>"111", :app_ver=>"Android3.1.0", :q=>"iphone+5", :searchOnTitleAndDescription=>"true", :showListings=>"false", :categoryId=>"1953", :page=>"1", :size=>"30", :sortBy=>"DEFAULT", :sortOrder=>"DESCENDING", :showHistograms=>"true"}

and last_uri(self.class.get('/api3/ads.json', query: search_query_params(keyword))) returns:


I think it has something to do with the request URI. The + symbol between keywords is shown as %2B. So iphone+5 is show as iphone%2B5. If I replace iphone%2B5 with iphone+5 in the URI it returns the correct data.

The question is how do I prevent the + symbol being converted into %2B when making a GET request with HTTParty?

Note: This probably is what the Tin Man was talking about when he commented here.

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I fixed this by removing the #split_keyword(keyword) method from the class, thus not using it anymore.

It seems that I didn't need to manually replace the ' ' in between words with + symbols. If I do, they get converted to %2B which doesn't seem to work.

Without the manual replacement, the ' ' get converted to %20, which does work.

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