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I have a Ruby on Rails 3.2 application which runs on Heroku. I'm using RSpec for my test suite.

When I started, I just used statements such as

p "Order completed at #{Time.now.to_s}"

to generate logs. I did this because Heroku uses its magical jiggery-pokery to divert all logs to STDOUT anyways.

However, my test suite prints all kinds of logs to STDOUT now, and it is very distracting. I would like those logs to appear when the application is deployed to Heroku, but I don't want to see them on my STDOUT output along with my RSpec output.

Is there a way to divert STDOUT to a file such as log/test.log, or alternatively, use a logging API which will do what I want?

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I'm not intimately familiar with the particularities of Heroku's implementation, but you should be able to choose your own file for logging without problem. If they made logging to a file impossible I would be incredibly surprised. You can define your logger in environment.rb differently for prod (ie Heroku) and dev with something like the following in the appropriate conditional:

Rails.logger = Logger.new(STDOUT)
Rails.logger = Log4r::Logger.new("Application Log")

or in your Initializer like so:

config.logger = Logger.new(STDOUT)
config.logger = Log4r::Logger.new("Application Log")

Note that you have lots of options for your logger, for example you can use Log4r instead of the built-in logger.

Check out the RoR Debugging Guide for more

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