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I have added following custom parser:

        // set a unique id
        id: 'dates',
        is: function(s, table, cell) {
            // return false so this parser is not auto detected
            return false;
        format: function(s, table, cell, cellIndex) {

            var date = s.match(/^\d{2}-[A-Z]{3}-\d{4}/i)[0];

            return date ? $.tablesorter.formatFloat((new Date(date).getTime() || ''), table) || s : s;
        // set type, either numeric or text
        type: 'numeric'

            headers : {
                2 : { sorter : 'dates' }

, to be able to parse my date column which is in this format:


,and it is in 3rd column.

However, when I click on column header, my dates are being sorted only in descending order (most recent on the top) and on further click it remains the same, without reversing sort. What is wrong?

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It works for me (demo) –  Mottie Jul 24 '14 at 2:16

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