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I have an xe:dialog which includes Dojo Form controls to input several values and create a new document when saved. All values are required and I an using a combination of xe:djValidationTextBox, xe:djTimeTextBox, xe:djComboBox and others to input the values and perform the client-side validation.

Here is an example of one of the input controls:

                        id="djValidationTextBox2" value="#{document3.ChemTo}"
                        required="true" invalidMessage="Must enter the To change number"
                        promptMessage="Enter the To change number">
                            <xp:convertNumber type="number"></xp:convertNumber>

The save button works great to create the new document after all validation passes.

<xp:button value="Save" id="button7">
                <xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="true"
                            <xp:saveDocument var="document3">
                                <xp:this.script><![CDATA[#{javascript:var c =  `enter code here`getComponent("dialog1");

The problem is with the Cancel button. I still get the client-side validation messages for all required Dojo input controls without a value when I click the Cancel button. I can successfully cancel the dialog by clicking the big "X" in the top right corner of the dialog, but can't close with the server-side or client-side code for the two cancel buttons below.

   <xp:button value="Cancel CS" id="cancelButton">
                <xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="true"
                    <xp:this.script><![CDATA[XSP.closeDialog("#{id:dialog1 }" );]]>

            <xp:button value="Cancel SS" id="cancel2Button">
                <xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="true"
                    <xp:this.action><![CDATA[#{javascript:var c =       

How do I code a button to close a dialog and by-pass the client side validation ?

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My advice: make a custom code for close button, that sets specific flag (hidden edit, JS variable) used in CS validator to skip validation... – Frantisek Kossuth Jul 23 '14 at 15:18
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For the second button (server side), you can disable validation by immediate="true" attribute.

    value="Cancel SS"
        refreshMode="complete" immediate="true">
  var c = getComponent("dialog1");

For client-side, it's interesting. If you hide the dialog by dojo-way, it closes normally. I think it's because of the XSP.closeDialog() method. This function uses setTimeout() for partial-refresh related issues and dojo component cancels the submissions at that time.

So, just use dijit.byId("#{id:dialog1}").hide(); instead of XSP function on the client-side.

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Thanks Serder, that did it ... and so obvious too. – Paul Della-Nebbia Jul 23 '14 at 15:56
It has been a partial solution though. I have looked at it in detail but couldn't find an easy way to disable dojo validation at the client side. I'll update if I can find it. :) – Serdar Basegmez Jul 23 '14 at 15:58
There it is. I have updated the answer for the client-side one :) – Serdar Basegmez Jul 23 '14 at 16:16
huh, go figure ... thanks Serdar – Paul Della-Nebbia Jul 23 '14 at 16:18

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