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I have deployed my camel integration projects (WAR) on a JBoss Wildfly application server.

I was wondering if there is a way to see what endpoints are available and what the URL's are?

In a similiar way as i can log into the administration console under Wildfly and select web services to get an overview of what is deployed?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Yes, if you have JMX enabled on your camel context, then you can view a list of endpoints via jconsole, as you can see from:

Camel JConsole

JMX is on by default according to the camel site but if you've somehow disabled it, adding:

<jmxAgent id="agent" disabled="false"/>

to your <camelContext> element should be enough to re-enable it.

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Hi Andrew - Thanks, I was not aware of this. It helps me in my debugging. I am still missing a place where i can get the actual web service endpoints. For example service X is located here: localhost:8080/webservice1/get?wsdl Is this not possible? –  Champ Jul 24 at 6:16
+1 I use jconsole every time with Camel, works like a charm. –  Sikorski Jul 24 at 7:49

There is also hawtio which is a web console to manage Java stuff, and it has plugins for Apache Camel, JBoss, and others too.

You could then install hawtio in wildfly, and then see your Camel routes / endpoints and whatnot

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