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I have installed the selenium ide 2.5.0 add-on for firefox and after exporting the test case as Java/JUnit 4/ Web Driver. When I try to execute it with JUnit testing I always get exceptions when some class from selenium is not found. I have used selenium-api-4.2.0.jar and selenium-server-stendalone-2.42.2.jar. Than I have also tried switching from selenium-api-4.2.0.jar to selenium-api-2.42.2.jar but there always a class missing. Which is the correct selenium-api and selenium-server-stendalone Jar to use for the 2.5.0 IDE? Thnx in advace

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This graphic in the documentation shows you how all the jars relate to each other. The selenium-server-standalone by itself contains all of those and all the dependencies.

Selenium IDE does not export code that uses the Selenium-RC API, it only uses Selenium WebDriver API.

Generally, unless you are doing something very particular, you want to use the latest stable release of everything.

If you still have problems, have a read through this, post your code, post your error messages.

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