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I created an app by using the following tutorial:

The app works perfectly if there are no sharepoint calls, I meant a response.write with hello world works.

But, if I add some sharepoint stuff like printing out the name of the user, I got a The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

Uri hostWeb = new Uri(Request.QueryString["SPHostUrl"]);

            using (var clientContext = TokenHelper.GetS2SClientContextWithWindowsIdentity(hostWeb, Request.LogonUserIdentity))
                clientContext.Load(clientContext.Web, web => web.Title);
                Response.Write("Hello World");


I get the following error on the logs.

SPApplicationAuthenticationModule: Failed to authenticate request, unknown error. Exception details: System.IdentityModel.Tokens.SecurityTokenException: The issuer of the token is not a trusted issuer.    
 at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.SPTrustedIssuerNameRegistry`1.GetIssuerName(SecurityToken securityToken, String requestedIssuerName)    
 at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.SPJsonWebSecurityBaseTokenHandler.GetIssuerNameFromIssuerToken(JsonWebSecurityToken token)    
 at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.SPJsonWebSecurityBaseTokenHandler.GetIssuerName(JsonWebSecurityToken token)    
 at Microsoft.IdentityModel.S2S.Tokens.JsonWebSecurityTokenHandler.ValidateTokenCore(SecurityToken token, Boolean isActorToken)    
 at Microsoft.IdentityModel.S2S.Tokens.JsonWebSecurityTokenHandler.ValidateTokenCore(SecurityToken token, Boolean isActorToken)    
 at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.SPJsonWebSecurityBaseTokenHandler.ValidateToken(SecurityToken token)    
 at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.SPJsonWebSecurityTokenHandler.ValidateToken(SecurityToken token)    
 at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.SPApplicationAuthenticationModule.TryExtractAndValidateToken(HttpContext httpContext, SPIncomingTokenContext& tokenContext)    
 at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.SPApplicationAuthenticationModule.ConstructIClaimsPrincipalAndSetThreadIdentity(HttpApplication httpApplication, HttpContext httpContext, SPFederationAuthenticationModule fam)    
 at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.SPApplicationAuthenticationModule.AuthenticateRequest(Object sender, EventArgs e)
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I suppose I did something wrong on the certificate, creation, or import.! – Esteban V Jul 23 '14 at 14:29
Steve Peschka has some awesome troubleshooting tips and tricks here:… – Danny Jessee Jul 24 '14 at 17:06

Do you have the SharePointContextFilterAttribute on the method? That filter handles the authentication bits from the request context.

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