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simple question: How I can find out commands for a DLLImport in C#.Net and / or the Entry Points of the DLL?

Background: I will use the MobileDevice-Libary from ITunes to send commands to an Iphone. I know round about 90% of the DLL-Commands from another open source project, but there are still 10% left, and I need a command of this 10%.

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Dependency Walker can list all exports for a DLL.

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Open up the dll in a good text editor (like UltraEdit or so). You'll read all the functions on board on the right hand side ASCII pane. If you already know a few functions, do ctrl+f to find that one, the rest of the functions implemented will be presented in the neighborhood. Grtz E

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You can use the pinvoke interop assistant which is included in CLRInsideOut2008_01.exe

I have used it a lot to help with pinvoke definitions it has saved me a lot of time.

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PE File Reader is a DLL (with source in C++) that can read PE files and give you the entry point for the DLL.

The source is provided unencumbered by the GPL, so you can use the source and/or the DLL in your project as you wish.

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