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I don't know what is best practice in obtaining friend list from Facebook and how to keep it up to date, so that users of mobile app i'm developing, can exchange fictive currency, and receive information about friends spending currency.

based of those requirements my dilemmas are:

  1. refresh friend list on button click
  2. automatic periodical refreshing.
  3. something better?

And is refreshing friend list faster as:

  1. drop old then create new list
  2. compare old vs new then delete/insert differences
  3. something better?


  1. Mobile app gets Facebook friend list, sends it to server. Then it receives, as a response, list of friends using app(friend app Id), or not using it (we need data for both).
  2. Mobile app sends user Facebook Id and token to the server. Then server retrieves Facebook friend list, checks it and returns same response as A. (basically is mobile app responsible for Facebook communication or there should be some server side processes for Facebook communication using Facebook userId and token received from mobile app?)
  3. Some other option and why ?

Thank you for your time.

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