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I have read skype is a p2p program !!

Is there a way to configure Asterisk ( or Trixbox ) for make P2P call ?

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It's an old question, but it may be worth stating there's not much research that has gone into this. You should always web-search the problem first, and add your findings into your question. – halfer Dec 28 '11 at 12:42
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Asterisk is a server software which can connect various VoIP clients (IAX, SIP etc). It can work with Skype (I think we can name it "P2P call") via for example "Skype for Asterisk". Look at Asterisk wiki:


If you just want to have VoIP between 2 computers then install Asterisk on one of them and install some kind of IAX or SIP softphone on both. Please read Asterisk book, and look at their very helpful wiki on how to configure such environment.

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If you want to convert between Asterisk SIP/IAX calls and Skype, you can use the SiptoSIS skype gateway: homepage. It's a Java app that bridges/converts the calls between the two protocols. As Michał Niklas indicated, Digium (the company behind Asterisk) also were working on such a gateway. I use SIPtoSIS myself in a home situation as it's free and it works for me.

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If you have asterisk running. You make extensions and you can call between the extensions.

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Is there already an extension for P2P call ? – xRobot Jun 4 '10 at 19:04

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