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When my iPad 3 was under iOs 6, I cleaned out languages files that I wasn't using with iClean Pro that you can purchase on Cydia. I then upgrade to iOS 7.1.2 and since then, notes.app keeps crashing.

I have tried everything: 1. kill the app in the app switcher and relaunch it 2. respiring, open in safe mode 3. reboot, hard reboot 4. reset settings, reset to factory 5. Restore to back up 6. Restore to new ipad with matching iCloud account 7. Restore to new ipad without iCloud 8. Restore from my iPhone 5 back up, 9. ssh into the phone, delete notes.app's database so that it rebuilds itself. It did but still crashing 10. deleted caches files suggested there and there on the web. then deleted all of them, same 11. tried editing the database with an sql editor, still the same 12. I even renamed all my notes, thinking one of em was corrupted, same

As for the language files, they weren't restored upon upgrading amor restoring. in settings:

  1. siri's list of voices is showing "(null)" instead of languages and voices
  2. The international keyboards list shows only the one i chose to keep earlier
  3. Same for the device languages

Do you guys have any suggestions? My next move is to manually restore/reinstall the language files as I believe the crashing of the app is connected to them.

I would be very thankful for your help. I'm a musician and working with my iPad is quite 50% of my activity, the other 50% being my guitar. I know all notes are saved to my iCloud but the ipad delivers convenience and mobility. I've started using ever notes but I've been writing lyrics/songs for over 10 years, I can't just upload everything to evernote...

Thank you

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