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I want to update some Redmine issue using ActiveResource.

For example, a loaded ActiveResource object:

require 'active_resource'
require 'pp'

issue = Issue.find(id: 48549)
pp issue.attributes


   @attributes={"name"=>"New", "id"=>1},
    @attributes={"value"=>"", "name"=>"Code Reviewer", "id"=>38},
    @attributes={"value"=>"1000", "name"=>"Inner Priority", "id"=>47},
    @attributes={"value"=>"", "name"=>"Team", "id"=>87},
 "updated_on"=>"2014/07/22 17:22:40 +0300",
 "description"=>"TEST - TEST - TEST",
   @attributes={"name"=>"Idit", "id"=>279},
 "created_on"=>"2014/06/29 16:31:31 +0300",
 "subject"=>"This is a subject"}

The problem is, when i'm trying to update not a 'standard' attribute, such as the 'subject' or the 'description', which are simple strings.

On the 'status' attribute, for example, i can set the Issue::Status object and therefore the whole issue object, but i can't save this change on the source Redmine issue.

The weird thing is that the object is saved successfully: issue.save returns true.

How should it work?

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You can use https://rubygems.org/gems/redmine_client for that it is wrapper around ActiveResource and will give you ability to change that fields w/o pain. Only one known problem is to upload files via that gem.

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Doesn't work..:( how should i used this? –  Idit Padael Jul 27 '14 at 11:40
Strange. Many people use it and find it's working. So do I. –  Noma4i Aug 4 '14 at 8:37

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