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Please tell me which ViewControllers can be placed inside UINavigationViewContoller?

I.e. can I make a UINavigationViewController the root view for UITableViewController or UITabViewController?

Thank You

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From the Apple docs:


Initializes and returns a newly created navigation controller.

  • (id)initWithRootViewController:(UIViewController *)rootViewController Parameters


The view controller that resides at the bottom of the navigation stack. This object cannot be an instance of the UITabBarController class.

So anything but an UITabBarController is fine

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i was not clear when i went through the apple doc., ll u please tel me, is it restriction to make UITabViewController as root view to UINavigationViewController or is it restriction to make UINavigationViewController as root view for UITabViewController? – suse Mar 22 '10 at 11:07
Again: You CANNOT have the UITabViewController as the root view to UINavigationController. UITabViewController CAN have UINavigationController as one of its views. – pheelicks Mar 22 '10 at 11:25

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