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Let's say we have the following string:

form-group checkbox-group group for-group

How I can to replace all occurrences of group with the team using Ruby. The restriction is that I would like to have black list of patterns which shouldn't be replaced.

So for black_list = ['checkbox-group', 'form-group'] I would like to achieve following transformed string:

form-group checkbox-group team for-team

Do you have any idea how to begin ?

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"form-group checkbox-group group for-group"
.gsub(/(#{Regexp.union(black_list)})|group/){$1 || "team"}
# => "form-group checkbox-group team for-team"
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+1. Beat me to it, I was working on something similar. :-) –  Michael Kohl Jul 23 at 16:39
could you walk us through this? I'm having trouble groking the block. I haven't seen gsub used like this before. –  Jeff Price Jul 23 at 16:46
The regex has alternatives. The first alternative has the first capture, and the second alternatives does not have a capture. In the block, $1 refers to the first capture, or nil if there isn't any. –  sawa Jul 23 at 16:48
Ah, I missed the capture! That's a great way to do this. –  Jeff Price Jul 23 at 16:51

If you are looking for a regex only solution (assuming blacklist is prefix only)

s = 'form-group checkbox-group group for-group'
s.gsub /(?<!checkbox-|form-)group/, 'team'

Link to rubular to fiddle around.

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Another problem is that the OP showed the array black_list, but you haven't shown how to convert that into what you have. –  sawa Jul 23 at 16:43

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