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HTML Tidy has this infuriating habit of putting a newline before the closing tag. For example:

<p>Some text</p>


<p>Some text

How do I tell Tidy to keep the closing tag on the same line as the end of the content?

Btw, I am running Tidy through Notepad++, if that makes any difference.

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Make sure vertical-space is set to no. After much frustration I learned the only thing that switch does is screw up your already somewhat-nicely formatted html by adding newlines where you don't want them.

This is what I use for minimally-invasive tidying (no adding doctypes/head tags, etc.):

tidy -mqi --doctype omit --show-body-only true --show-warnings no --vertical-space no --wrap 0

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hmm I don't see it in windows.

I am using Tidy with ruby

   @tidy.options.output_xhtml = true
   @tidy.options.show_body_only = true
   @tidy.clean('<p>Some text</p>')

I also ran the tidy script in unbuntu (tidy -m test.htm) but did not see that problem. You can control the spacing using the options at

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I've looked at those options before and none of those seem to do the needful. Btw, I am running TIDY through Notepad++, if that makes any difference. – markvgti Apr 20 '10 at 8:37
don't know how to do it with NotePad++ but 'wrap=160' option might help. But the issue that you are seeing might be related to notePad++ – surajz Apr 20 '10 at 17:39

In php you can use:

$buffer = preg_replace('/\n<\//smUi','</',$buffer);
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Question wasn't about php... – Jon Lin Dec 14 '12 at 20:15

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