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Node.js provides us with a very easy way to create a quick server so we don't have to use other's such as Apache or IIS.

This sounds very good but... how secure is node.js server? Can we compare ISS or Apache with node.js which born just a few years ago ?

I've been reading similar questions and some posts about it and they don't seem to inspire much confidence in terms of security. Most of these post are not so recent. Has node.js improved its security during these last years to be able to be used in secure production sites?

It seems to be a large number of big companies making use of node.js but... is it needed an extra effort to secure a site?

I guess using some frameworks such as Express might help on this topic but I'm not sure until which extent.

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Your second article does not seem to make useful points. It says things like sloppy programming that generates errors in node.js will make the server stop. Duh. Is there any server-based programming language that writing error-prone code won't interrupt the server? It tries to make a big deal out of the use of eval() for injection vulnerabilities. First off, run in strict mode. Second off, don't use eval() - ever. The language does not prevent you from writing stupid, insecure code. Like any other language I know, it requires that you use some security common sense. –  jfriend00 Jul 23 '14 at 17:33

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Ultimately, Node.js is as secure as the developers using it care it to be. Node.js Core Itself is pretty robust and the team has been doing an incredible Job tackling with vulnerability issues efficiently, as you may check the latest here: https://nodesecurity.io/advisories/qs_dos_extended_event_loop_blocking

As for building secure apps, I would recommend you to try to know more about how to secure your apps from the start then later, you can find good resources at nodesecurity.io and one nice point to start is by checking this blog post on how to build secure expressjs apps https://blog.liftsecurity.io/2012/12/07/writing-secure-express-js-apps (the fundamentals apply to any kind of framework)

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