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I have list of menu options, and each menu item has it's own Ractive instance with different template but same shared data. When each selection is changed I am calling teardown() on rendered view instance and render(domElement) on current selection's Ractive instance.

An example Instance is like below, and all follow the same structure.

 var View = new Ractive({
      template: '#contacts',
      data: { 
          name: 'Contacts',
          contacts : dummyData // array data

And I render them like below

  var isRendered = false;
  channel.subscribe("menu", function(msg) {
        if(msg === "contacts") {
                contentHolder.innerHTML = "";
            isRendered = true;
        } else {
            if(isRendered) {
                isRendered = false;
                console.log(View.get('contacts')); // Here I can see the data.

In first render() call view is rendered as expected, but after calling teardown(), again if I call render() it does not render contacts list data and only displays name property, but was rendered on initial call.

Please help me to fix this.

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Just for reference, the question was answered on GitHub

teardown() is a non-reversible call that completely destroys the ractive instance. What you want is detach() function, which will remove the ractive instance from the DOM but not destroy it. You can use it later by calling insert().

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