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i have a table with coloumn id , name and city

I want to fetch those rows where city is same and the number of rows are greater than 3. Is it possible in single sql query?

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Yes, it is pretty much the level of query I use to filter out the "I know SQL" people that dont have a clue about the language.

Lets see whether I get that together.

SELECT city, count() from TABLE GROUP BY city HAVING COUNT() >3

Simple beginner SQL

Not sure mysql supports it ;) But it is apart of the standard for ages.


has more explanations.

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Yes it is:

SELECT city, COUNT(id) AS [rowcount]
FROM YourTable
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i tried but coudn't achieve it Prutswonder. – saurav Mar 22 '10 at 11:49
Query was incorrect, "rowcount" is a reserved keyword, so I placed it in block quotes. If that doesn't work, could you post the query you're attempting and the SQL error you receive when you run it? – Prutswonder Mar 22 '10 at 12:39

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