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I'm using Innosetup as a bootstrapper for my msi setup. It packs the main mis file and other prerequisites. It works fine when we use full UI. Now i want to install the whole setup in silent mode. For InnoSetup we can give /SILENT OR /VERYSILENT. How can i pass values to msi (i.e., Unlock Key, Features to be installed etc.). If i install msi alone, i can able to give it in a command line. But when using as a single exe, how can i give it ? should i write any inf or bat files for this ? The same exe will be used to install in silent mode as well as in full UI.

Waiting for the reply.

Thanks and Regards, Varun

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You can use:

function ParamStr(Index: Integer): String;

Description: Returns the Index-th command line parameter passed to Setup or Uninstall.

In your script you can run msi with value from ParamStr[i].

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