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I'm doing Cocoa Programming: For Mac OS X 4th Edition, I'm at Chap 11. "Basic Core Data" and I can not figure out how -(id)newObject gets called.

We do link add: to the carArrayController but that is it. If I add -(void)add:(id)sender to carArrayController then -(id)newObject does not get called. This tell me there is some sort of hierarchy calling system but I cant find information on the subject. How does it get called?

-(id)newObject is from NSObjectController.

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It's not clear to me what you're asking that's not in the documentation for this method. –  stevesliva Jul 24 at 4:32

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The CarArrayController is a subclass of NSArrayController. In the CarArrayController subclass when you override -add:sender you must be sure to have [super add:sender]; in your method since it is in the NSArrayController method of -add:sender that -newObject is called. You will often need to invoke the super implementation of a method when you override a method in a subclass.

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How does Button Add that is linked to add: know it had to call -newObject? Nowhere did I explicitly link them or call it. Then if I add -(void)add:(id)sender how did button Add linked to add: know it had to call -(void)add:(id)sender and not -(id)newObject. –  Kuebeker Jul 25 at 13:59
You overrode -add:sender and decided that -newObject doesn't get called. It does get called if you override it properly by calling [super add:sender];. When you don't override add:sender it already gets called by way of the super. When NSArrayController (super) invokes -add:sender that method, the one in NSArrayController, is where -newObject gets called. NSArrayController is a subclass of NSObjectController, so it likely calls [super newObject]; early in its implementation. –  mikeD Jul 25 at 14:01
I was going to change my comment since I figured it out but you answered. I tried to find documentation related to this and found nothing. Does documentation for this exist or is it a case of trial by error? Is it explicitly written in the docs that add: will call newObject if present or a list of what it looks for? –  Kuebeker Jul 25 at 16:57
The documentation for NSObjectController tells about -newObject and how it works when adding and inserting objects. And I see your point that you have to know about -newObject before you can learn about it. Sort of like trying to look up how to spell 'pneumonia.' –  mikeD Jul 25 at 17:59
Thank's Mike. So, to figure it out you have to figure out, how Apple decided to build the documents & understanding the programming lingo but mostly the logic behind the documents structure! Even then it's not explicitly written. SO... Cars inherits from NSArrayController. NSArrayController has add: (empty documentation) NSArrayController inherits from NSObjectController and also has add:. In it's documentation it mentions see -newObject. This is the only location in the document that kind of links -add: to -newObject. Am I correct? –  Kuebeker Jul 25 at 21:56

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