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The only thing I'm seeing from google searches is that

Element.writeAttribute() - Adds, specifies or removes attributes passed as either a hash or a name/value pair.

However, the only examples I see is adding/modifying and attribute/value, not removing.

Say that I have html element

<input id="chk" type="checkbox" class="myclass" checked="checked" />

How would I remove the checked attribute using PrototypeJS?

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A quick look at the source code shows:

function writeAttribute(element, name, value) {
  if (value === false || value === null)

So just calling it like this should do the trick:

$("chk").writeAttribute("checked", false);


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Cool, thank you –  Shredder Jul 23 '14 at 21:01

You also can use vanilla JS and the element.removeAttribute() method... though it isn't Prototype

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