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I am trying to setup sublime to be my SASS editor. I have successfully installed compass and it runs fine with the command:

compass watch .

Which is fine and all but since the process of creating these new style sheets requires a build process it means I need to constantly check the output to ensure everything I have just done is actually correct.

I am trying to use sublime text 3's compass build system for compass but all I get is the following output:

Compass can't find any Sass files to compile. Is your compass configuration correct?. If you're trying to start a new project, you have left off the directory argument. Run "compass -h" to get help.

I suppose this is because it is unable to read the config.rb file that is setup. Any advice on how to proceed from here would be most appreciated.

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can you put your config.rbs code here? –  MeTe-30 Jul 25 '14 at 18:04

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