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I'm looking for a relativity cheap .net Micro Framework development board for use on a personal robotics project. I'd don't need much for I/O, but I want at least one serial port and one Ethernet port.

I would prefer not to have to spend more than $300 on the board, but if there is an obvious reason to get a better one I'm flexible.

Currently I'm looking at this device from SJJ Embedded Micro Solutions. Has anyone had experience with this device?

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Here are two different boards that I have been researching. Both of these are around $100.00 and are meant for the hobbyist. Neither of these boards has ethernet on the board, but is relatively easy to add by adding an external ethernet module

USBizi TCP/IP and Ethernet support

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This looks very cool. And only 30$.


And this Plus version with ethernet.


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FEZ has some now generics for sale from 29.00 USD +shipping.

Starting from a 74Mhz ARM devboard with Arduino compatible connectors + a lot more IO.

  • It has open source firmware and fully supports the .net micro framework as well as JTAG connector to use for everything else.
  • Supports runtime debugging (breakpoints, variable inspection, stepping, etc.)
  • Use Visual C# 2010 Express Edition for development.
  • Supports networking with Ethernet shield.

On the same site there is a more complex devboard - FEZ Cobra - which has onboard ethernet connector for ~150 USD.

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I have not had experience with the SJJ Embedded board but I might just have to give it a shot.

I'm working on a robotics project as a hobby and I'm currently prototyping with Lego Mindstorms and the Robotics SDK from Microsoft. I had planned on swapping to an Arduino which uses a C-like programming language and weighs in at around $30 assembled.

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You should look into the GHI family of boards/devices. They start at $24.95 for the FEZ Panda and goes all the way to $399 for the ChipworkX development kit


They are also the first out with Gadgeteer HW

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Soon, the Microsoft Gadgeteer will be produced.

See this link for more info: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/gadgeteer/default.aspx

Here is a Channel9 video that shows you how to use VS2010 to create an embedded application. It is due to release in Spring of 2011...

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