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I've some problem with run uwsgi.

I run application(Pyramid with zerorpc, gevent) in uwsgi. And some requests fails. Python writes this error:

Assertion failed: ok (bundled/zeromq/src/mailbox.cpp:79) Aborted uWSGI worker 1 screams: UAAAAAAH my master disconnected: i will kill myself !!!

Why there might be such a problem?

uwsgi config:

socket = /tmp/sock.sock
chmod-socket = 666
master = true
processes = 1
vacuum = true

i run so: uwsgi --ini-paste development.ini

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the whole zeromq magic is managed by a background thread. A property of threads is that they "disappear" after fork(), so zeromq will not work in your uWSGI worker. Just add

lazy-apps = true

in your uWSGI options to load zeromq (read: your app) after each fork()

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Thank you very much. Really works. Could you give a link to more information on this feature? –  Budulianin Jul 24 at 8:12

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