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My directory structure for a servlet in netbeans is as follows:

enter image description here

Q1. Is it mandatory that I should see servlet class below my web.xml. It's not getting generated for me. Because I believe I need to specify the class name in the web.xml inside the <servlet> tag.

Q2. How do I find out which JDK version is used to start the tomcat? I have JDK 1.8 installed on my machine and I am using that in NEtbeans 7.4. I am running into the same problem as asked here and trying to find a fix based on the @Macon Pegram's answer mentioned over there.


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Q1: Am not sure i got your question. But What i understand is , you are expecting a servlet class generated from your index.jsp and placed under WEB-INF right?

jsp files are converted to servlet in run time, you cannot see them in your project directory structure. But if you really want to see them target\tomcat\work\localEngine\localhost\<name related to webapp>\org\apache\jsp is the location of the generated servlets.

Q2: You can see in server and settings tab while creating new app. or you can see in server properties.

Hope it helps

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