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I'm trying to improve the usability of my form by not having it reload when it is submitted. In the case below, I want to call index.php when the submit button named "delete-image" is clicked. Please note, there are two buttons in the form, so the jQuery should check on type="submit" with name "delete-image" being clicked instead of just triggering when the form is submitted. Also, when "delete-image" is pressed, the jQuery should change the img's source to "deleted.jpg."

I have heard that jQuery's .post() is the best way to handle this, but remember, the key is to not reload the page.

<form action="index.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" class="edit">
    <img src="test.jpg" alt="">
    <input type="submit" name="delete-image" value="Delete Image"><br>
    <input type="submit" value="Go">

Any suggestions are welcomed please.

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$('form').on('submit',function(e){ ... $.ajax(); OR $.post(); e.preventDefault(); //prevents reloading the page} –  Sean Jul 24 at 3:13
Sean: I'm trying to make it not on submit, but rather when the "delete-image" button is clicked. –  GTS Joe Jul 24 at 4:19
When a <input type="submit"> button is clicked inside a form, by default it will submit the form. Using the binding I suggested, when name="delete-image" is clicked the form will submit, but using e.preventDefault(); it will prevent it from submitting. –  Sean Jul 24 at 4:30
I don't get it. How to you bind it to the name="delete-image" button? –  GTS Joe Jul 24 at 5:40

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Take a look at this answer. What you are looking for is a an asynchronous post using ajax.


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why are you linking to w3schools and not the actual docs - api.jquery.com/jQuery.ajax? –  Sean Jul 24 at 3:16
@sean Good call on including that as well, but as he is new to ajax, I thought I would send over a tutorial. –  Michael Otte Jul 24 at 4:12

You can use jQuery's $.post method.

Reference: http://api.jquery.com/jquery.post

Here's an example:

$.post("url", data, function(data){
  // stuff to do when done

In your case:


   // Prevent default form submission

   // Perform AJAX request
   $.post("index.php", data, function(data){

      // if you plan to change the image source
      // when you've received the response
      $("img").attr("src", "deleted.jpg");

Here's the fiddle for it: http://jsfiddle.net/domingokyle/EVkP6/1/

To prevent form submission, you can use jQuery's submit() method

  return false;

Or change the button type to "button".

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Kyle, this looks like what I'm looking for. However, it reloads the page. Is there a way we can tweak it so it calls index.php (which handles my DB query) without reloading? –  GTS Joe Jul 24 at 3:50
Which button is used for sending the request? the delete-image button? or the go button?. The example I gave you finds the button with the name of "delete-image", gives it a click handler, prevents the default action of the submit button, and sends a post request to index.php –  Kyle Emmanuel Jul 24 at 3:51
Kyle: I re-tried your code on my script and it still reloads the page. In fact, even in your jsfiddle, if you click on the Delete Image button, it reloads the page. Maybe if we set the URL to the form's action value instead of index.php? –  GTS Joe Jul 24 at 4:17
Try to check my fiddle again. i've updated it. it wasn't using the jQuery library before. –  Kyle Emmanuel Jul 24 at 4:54

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