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Is it possible to add an image overlay to a google map that scales as the user zooms?

My current code works like this:

var map = new GMap2(document.getElementById("gMap"));

var customIcon = new GIcon();
customIcon.iconSize = new GSize(100, 100);
customIcon.image = "/images/image.png";

map.addOverlay(new GMarker(new GLatLng(50, 50), { icon:customIcon }));

However, this adds an overlay that maintains the same size as the user zooms in and out (it is acts as a UI element like the sidebar zoom control).

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There is a zoomend event, fired when the map reaches a new zoom level. The event handler receives the previous and the new zoom level as arguments.

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Thanks! Hmm, so I'm going to have to work out the size difference for each level... – Matt Mitchell Oct 30 '08 at 4:13

You might want to check out openlayers

It's a very capable Javascript API - it supports a bunch of back ends, allowing you to transparently switch between, say, Google Map tiles and Yahoo Map tiles.

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Thanks for the recommend. I definitely check that out in future, but EInserts was suitable for the project. – Matt Mitchell Oct 31 '08 at 1:19
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Well after messing around trying to scale it myself for a little bit I found a helper called EInserts which I'm going to check out.


Okay EInserts is about the coolest thing ever. It even has a method to allow you to drag the image and place it in development mode for easy lining up.

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