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I tried to build a war for play 2.2.3 application to deploy in glassfish server using play2war plugin. I followed the steps in https://github.com/play2war/play2-war-plugin/wiki/Configuration. But its not worked.

How to deploy play 2.2.3 application in glassfish server 3.1. Please help..

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There seems to be compatibility issue of Play 2.2.3 using play2war deployment on Glassfish 3. I get error as below:

Exception: java.lang.ClassCircularityError thrown from the UncaughtExceptionHandler in thread "Grizzly-kernel-thread(1)"

Sorry I do not know the fix, but using the same war deploys fine on Glassfish 4

For Play2War, it runs the best on Apache tomcat servers based on my simple tests

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