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'''use Jython'''

import shutil

print dir(shutil)

There is no, shutil.move, how does one move a file with Jython? and while we at it, how does one delete a file with Jython?

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os.rename() to move, and os.unlink() to delete -- just like Python pre-shutil.

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Note that os.rename will be different to shutil.move if the destination is on a different filesystem. shutil falls back to a copy+delete in this situation, but rename will just fail. –  Brian Oct 30 '08 at 10:02

If you need support for moving across filesystems, consider just copying CPython's shutil.py into your project. The Python License is flexible enough to allow this (even for commercial projects), as long as licensing and attribution information are retained.

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Or copy shutil.py from Jython 2.5 –  J.F. Sebastian Nov 3 '08 at 17:58
f1 = File(filename_old)
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