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I am developing an android application that would help people to find there near by places.It is a kid of location based augmented reality application.

Requirements :

  1. When application started camera preview is launched.
  2. I call a web-service, which gives me all data around me 5 miles radius and stored in sqlite data base.
  3. User just needs to move phone in any direction and the based on direction of phone I need to see result on camera preview.
  4. I Have implemented all above sensors and getting gps and sensor data.

Please Help On this

How to filter data from the database based on these sensor and GPS data.

My DB Structure

Table Name : MyPlaces

Fields :

PlaceName  TEXT

Place Desc TEXT

Latitude   double

Longitude  double
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can you elaborate the database structure. –  Sweety Jul 24 at 6:11
@ sweety I update the question with database structure –  Biraj Zalavadia Jul 24 at 6:24

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