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Is it possible to create restriction clauses for the Seam EntityQuery, that are ORed instead of always being ANDed together?

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Take a look at setRestrictionLogicOperator(operator). Operator can be "and" or "or". This will "and" or "or" all restriction statements.

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Be aware you can also write everything in the private static final String EJBQL ,EL is interpreted here too, so you can combine OR and AND like this :

select c from Cat c where c.gender=#{cat.gender} and ({} or c.color=#{cat.color} )

You can even avoid problems with null values like this : where{empty ? "defaultName" : }

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However, this will not get you the benefit of only considering those restrictions that do not depend on empty values. – Michael Piefel Apr 29 '11 at 13:53

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