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We have the following issue:

A service that we develop offers the end user the possibility to download Excel-documents from our website. The website is protected behind a Single Signon solution, which uses cookies to authenticate the user. Works great, never really been a problem.

However, IE7 users using Protected Mode (usually out of their control) have problems downloading these Excel documents. When they click the download-link, IE7 tries to automatically open the file in the appropriate Office application (in our case Excel). Because of this issue, Office applications doesn't have access to the cookie store, and therefore isn't able to authenticate itself with the server serving the protected file. The server responds with a 302 redirect to the login page, which is then downloaded and opened in Excel.

In other words, our IE7 users now have a download link to an Excel-formatted version of our login page.

Is there any way around this problem, or are we forced to disable Office document downloads for the affected users (or informing them how to turn off Protected Mode)?

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