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How can I hide multiple markers on Android Maps V2?

I have 10 markers. 5 a certain type of cinema and 5 another type.

If I use the below code only the last marker disappears.

Marker cinema1,cinema2;

cinema1 = gMap.addMarker......

cinema1 = gMap.addMarker......

cinema2 = gMap.addMarker......

cinema2 = gMap.addMarker......

and so on

On Click Event


This only sets the last marker = to cinema1 to invisible (obviously) so the questions is how can I set all 5 markers invisible without declaring a Marker for each?


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Instead of makes invisible all markers better to clear your map... – M D Jul 24 '14 at 9:08
I want all 10 markers on the map when the app starts. If the user clicks a radio button for cinema1 I want all 5 markers for cinema2 to be invisible. If they click radio button for cinema2 then cinema2 markers reappear and cinema1 markers disappear. – JCom09 Jul 24 '14 at 9:11

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You could just use an Hashmap if your types have an ID

Hashmap<Integer, Marker> markers = new Hashmap<Integer, Marker>()

markers.Add(cinema1.getID(), gMap.addMarker(...));
markers.Add(cinema2.getID(), gMap.addMarker(...));
markers.Add(cinema3.getID(), gMap.addMarker(...));
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