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how to create the static enum like below

static enum Test{

As of now, I am getting errors.

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This is not possible with Java, because each item has to be a valid identifier (and valid Java identifiers may not contain dashes).

The closest thing would be adding a custom property to each enum value or override the toString method, so you can do the following:

Test.EMPLOYEE_ID.getRealName() //Returns "employee-id"

public enum Test

    private Test(String realName) {
        this.realName = realName;
    public String getRealName() {
        return realName;
    private final String realName;
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And use all-caps for enum constants. –  Tom Hawtin - tackline Mar 22 '10 at 14:55
You should make realName final. –  Steve Kuo Mar 22 '10 at 16:07

This is not specific to enums. This applies to all identifiers in Java: class names, method names, variable names, etcetera. Hyphens are simply not allowed. You can find all valid characters in JLS 3.8.

To illustrate the problem:

int num-ber = 5;
int num = 4;
int ber = 3;


What would you expect to happen here?

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You can not do this. Enum constants must be legal Java identifiers. Legal Java identifiers can not contain -. You can use _ if that's an acceptable substitute.

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You cannot declare the enum constant with a hyphen. If you hyphen to be retrieved as the value of the enum, you should have a value method in enum which you either use in its toString method or access this method on the enum to get the hyphen value

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