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I would like to ask you, how can I access my usercontrol from MainWindow?

For accessing to MainWindow I'm using :

Dim mw As MainWindow = DirectCast(Application.Current.MainWindow, MainWindow)

I need this because I would like to select particular TabItem from my UserControl. (tabitem.IsSelected= true). UserControl is already placed in Grid on MainWindow as a child.

Thank you in advance

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does your user control have any name? is it binded to something? –  pushpraj Jul 24 at 9:34
Yes. x:Name="employeemenu", and set to "public" –  user2678787 Jul 24 at 10:10

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simple way is to create a ReadOnly property in MainWindow returning the user control instance


Public ReadOnly Property MyEmployeeMenu As UserControl
        Return Me.employeemenu
    End Get
End Property


Dim mw As MainWindow = DirectCast(Application.Current.MainWindow, MainWindow)
Dim empMenu as UserControl = mw.MyEmployeeMenu 'this way you can access the control
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Thank you very much. –  user2678787 Jul 24 at 11:00

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