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I am Having a json :


I found that we are able to load json into PigScript.

A = LOAD ‘data.json’
USING PigJsonLoader();

But how to parse json in Apache Pig

--pig -x mapreduce -f Sampling.pig -param input=foo.csv -param output=OUT/pig -param delimiter="," -param fraction='0.05'

--Load data
inputdata = LOAD '$input' using PigStorage('$delimiter');

--Group data
groupedByAll = group inputdata all;

--output into hdfs
sampled = SAMPLE inputdata $fraction;
store sampled into '$output' using PigStorage('$delimiter'); 

Above is my pig script. How to parse json (each element) in Apache pig? I need to take above json as input and parse its source,delimiter,fraction,output and pass in $input,$delimiter,$fraction,$output respectively.

How to parse the same . Please suggest

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Try this :

--Load data
inputdata = LOAD '/input.txt' using JsonLoader('Name:chararray,elementinfo:(fraction:chararray),destionation:chararray,source:chararray');

--Group data
groupedByAll = group inputdata all;

store groupedByAll into '/OUT/pig' using PigStorage(',');

Now your output looks :


In input file fraction data {"fraction":"3"} in double quotes. so i used fraction as chararray so can't able to run sample command so i used the above script to get the result.

if you want to perform sample operation cast the fraction data to int and then you will get the result.

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Thanks MarHserus. But How to parse those elements?In order to achieve the fraction and delimiter?My input is :/user/sree/foo.txt –  Unmesha SreeVeni Jul 24 '14 at 12:03
Which format you expecting the output. –  MarHserus Jul 24 '14 at 12:16
I expect the output as a file (not a json) with delimiter,which is same as input file(foo.txt) –  Unmesha SreeVeni Jul 25 '14 at 4:54
Thanks for your kind heart foe runnig the same and posting.But still confusion exist.My usecase is like I have a json from the json I need to parse, what all inputs i need to run above pig code(sampling). thay means I need to parse the input file to be sampled,delimiter and output –  Unmesha SreeVeni Jul 25 '14 at 11:03

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