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I am a bit stumped on an error I am getting. In IE and Firefox, hitting my site, everything loads fine.

However, in Firefox (v30), an image is not loading. It is trying to hit the wrong path: (404)

Where as Chrome and IE correctly get the image with this path: (200)

The line of HTML (135 in index.html) appears correct by how I understand it:

So what is going on?

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You have used

<img id="ealogo" alt="View Logo" src="img\smalllogo.png"> (\) wont take in server 

Try using this

<img id="eaLogo" alt="View Logo" src="img/smalllogo.png"> (/) Try using this slash 
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wey! Thanks, new it would be something stupid. – Simon Jul 24 '14 at 10:11
:):):):):):):):) – PraJen Jul 24 '14 at 10:44

your link contains backslash so url give error,

you are given ""

it should be '" '

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