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How to remove the warnings protocol not implemented in iOS?

enter image description here


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You implement them, since the warning is there because the methods are mandatory. If the where @optional you do not have to implement them. – rckoenes Jul 24 '14 at 9:51
Maybe you should implement the methods? Or say that you class is not compliant with the protocol – Francesco Jul 24 '14 at 9:51
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This warning tells you that you conform to a protocol, but didn't fully implement it in the corresponding class.

You can use the @optional flag to make a protocol method optional. But then you should check, in the class, that has the protocol, if the conforming class also implemented the method.

@protocol NSAnyClassDelegate <NSObject>

- (void)thisMethodIsRequired;

- (void)thisAndFollowingMethodsAreOptional;
- (void)optionalMethod;

- (void)thisAndFollowingMethodsAreRequired;
- (void)requiredMethod;



if ([_delegate respondsToSelector:@selector(optionalMethod)]) {
    [_delegate optionalMethod];
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