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Boy, this is frustrating.

I sent in my app to Apple after months and months of development. It was quickly rejected due to the fact that they said it was unresponsive at the home screen. Here is the screenshot they sent me:

Screenshot from Apple

Now, when I build the exact archive of the app that I sent them, I have no such issues:

What I see

The buttons were created in the storyboard file and were IBOutlets, but the highscore label that you see was created programmatically. Is it possible that the storyboard file didn't upload properly? I have already messaged them in the resolution center about it and tried to submit it again to see if it would work next time, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this issue.

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From above screenshot, I've understand something that issue related with network error. See, they were tested with flight mode. According to apple guidelines, it should be go on in home screen without much more delay. At least show an alert for this issue. Just test with this scenario, you will get this.

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Hi @Mani, thanks for your quick answer. Just to clarify, are you saying that I should test the app in airplane mode? –  John Farkerson Jul 24 at 10:30
Exactly. Also switch off your wifi too. That's, test without network connection. If You didn't handle this scenario, mostly happen this type of issue. –  Mani Jul 24 at 10:33
I tried running with no connection, but it didn't seem to change anything. –  John Farkerson Jul 24 at 10:53
You should be sure your application is never stuck and it´s always giving a response to the user, if not, your application will be rejected. Try in different scenarios, with connection, no connection, connect and disconnect, and verify everytime the application is working in the way it has to. If not, it will be rejected again. It seems, like they have disconnected the device from internet in some particular case or just by minimizing the app, turn airplane on and then go again to the app and this has happened. Take a look and verify it –  AlfuryDB Jul 24 at 11:08
The buttons are in no way connected to the internet. Turning off or on the internet has no effect that I can find. –  John Farkerson Jul 24 at 11:52

When they said it was unresponsive, it may be due to the fact that its stuck for certain reasons, check if you make any API call at the viewLoad method, also, if the UI may turn unresponsive incase you are performing some heavy operation on the main thread, try using a background thread of these operations

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Thanks! I used a background thread in a few places and I'm hoping it doesn't get rejected this time! –  John Farkerson Jul 24 at 12:04

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