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I have a String with this content:

href="http://www.website.com/" /> [...] [...]

I just want to get the central part of the string. How is it possible to get the part between @"href="" and @"" />"

Note: Even if it looks like xml-code, it is inside of a NSString.

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I got it!

This is the code (not very nice written):

NSRange rr2 = [content rangeOfString:@"href=\""];
    NSRange rr3 = [content rangeOfString:@"\" />"];
    int lengt = rr3.location - rr2.location - rr2.length;
    int location = rr2.location + rr2.length;
    NSRange aa;
    aa.location = location;
    aa.length = lengt;
    theString = [theString substringWithRange:aa];
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It 's really not very nice written, but it was usefull for me ;) –  doxsi Feb 6 '14 at 18:23

How about

NSString* newNSString =[[[theString substringFromIndex:6] componentsSeparatedByString:@"/\""]objectAtIndex:0];


NSString* newNSString =[[[[theString componentsSeparatedByString:@"href=\""]objectAtIndex:1] componentsSeparatedByString:@"/\""]objectAtIndex:0];
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Worth noting that it's quite inefficient to create those temporary array of string components. –  Georg Fritzsche Apr 12 '12 at 17:28

This can be done more compactly:

NSRange end = [source rangeOfString:@"\" />"];
if (end.location != NSNotFound) {
    result = [source substringWithRange:NSMakeRange(6, end.location - 6)];
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