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I currently have an archaic system of client records that I am trying to improve.

For each client i have a directory, in that directory i include a directory for each job. Each job has a spreadsheet that i use to store their personal details, and run calculations and costings specific to their needs. In turn I also have word documents that are linked to their spreadsheet which automatically update accordingly. The spreadsheet is also exported as a pdf as well

I am trying to build a database of customer records in Access, straight forward enough. For each new customer i need to be able to add the appropriate spreadsheet to their records, update the spreadsheet accordingly with their details, use the spreadsheet to calculate their costings etc.. I do not want to enter the same information repeatedly, and would like a cohesive system, with data being passed between access and excel.

Should this be easy enough to do with the two packages?

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Based on what you have described above I'd like to offer the following comments:

  1. The move to an Access database is definitely a good idea and would be more efficient to how you are currently creating/storing client records/jobs.

  2. I would suggest designing the database to serve as a job management & billing system too - that way you could do away with need for the individual spreadsheets. If you used the database to record/calculate costings for clients you could then also design the necessary queries/reports to do away with the Word documents as well. To give you an idea, perhaps check out this Office template:

However, to specifically answer your question: Access 2007 onwards has an 'attachment' field type for records that could be used to do what you're asking. But, re-iterating what I mentioned above, I don't think doing it this way would provide you with any of the enhanced benefits of using a database.



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So far as I can tell, the Attachment field really has benefit only if you're integrating with Sharepoint. But I could be wrong on that, as I have chosen not to develop in A2007 (A2010 will be a different story). – David-W-Fenton Mar 22 '10 at 19:53
Hi David, Cheers for the great advice, greatly appreciated. The template you recommended is the point in the right direction I needed. Thanks alot, Noel – noelmcg Mar 22 '10 at 22:18

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