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I use Google Drive APIs to query on files and retrieve their metadata. When running the app on a device where it has never been installed before, the returned MetadataBuffer is empty (as I see from the logcat). If I uninstall the app and re-install it back, the same code produces a MetaDataBuffer with the expected Metadata objects. This has happened in every device I have been testing. I am supposing that it has something to do with the local cache. I wonder if I am missing something in my code, or I should eventually file an issue to Google.
Here is the complete code:

public void setupClient(boolean noProgress) {
    Log.i("drive", "setup client...");
    mGoogleApiClient = new GoogleApiClient.Builder(parent)

private GoogleApiClient.ConnectionCallbacks connectionCallbacks = new GoogleApiClient.ConnectionCallbacks() {
    public void onConnected(Bundle bundle) {  
        Log.i("drive", "connected");         
        Filter mime = Filters.eq(SearchableField.MIME_TYPE, MIME_TYPE);
        Filter trashed = Filters.eq(SearchableField.TRASHED, false);
        Query query = new Query.Builder()

private ResultCallback<DriveApi.MetadataBufferResult> metadataCallback = new
        ResultCallback<DriveApi.MetadataBufferResult>() {
            public void onResult(DriveApi.MetadataBufferResult metadataBufferResult) {                    
                MetadataBuffer buffer = metadataBufferResult.getMetadataBuffer();                                         
                Log.i("drive", String.valueOf(buffer.getCount()));                  
                if (buffer.getCount()>0) {  
                /* this is where it fails:
                   the first time, getCount() is 0. the following times,
                   getCount() is the right number of files in the Drive */
                    Log.i("drive","files found");
                    //do things with metadata...
                } else {                        
                    Log.i("drive","files not found"); 
                    //do other things when there are no files...

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The local sync takes a little bit to process. If you make a request before its done, you may get incomplete results. You can use requestSync to wait for a sync to have completed. (Although sometimes this request gets rate limited if there is already a request in progress. We are working on improving this behavior.)

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requestSync seems to solve the issue. Thank you very much for the hint – devrocca Jul 25 '14 at 21:58
Can you write example how to "requestSync"? – Michal Dec 30 '14 at 18:57
@Michal Just call Drive.DriveApi.requestSync(googleApiClient). But be warned that the request limit is very limited. If I wait less than a minute between calls I get the error DriveStatusCodes.DRIVE_RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED. The delay is not documented and makes syncing app data between devices impractical. – sorianiv Jul 25 at 12:29

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